SpecialtyPSV (Permanent Adhesive) Holographic

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Sheets are 15x12" in size. Size is +/- 0.50 inch and +/-3% on length.

Acceptable Surfaces Applies to most clean, dry, hard surfaces, such as metal, wood, glass, ceramic, acrylic, etc. Customize decals for cars, windshields, windows and doors, wine bottles and glasses, laptops, cell phones, makeup boxes, etc. - the possibilities are endless.


• Ultra Metallic Opaque: 2 mils

• Polished Metal: 3.2 mils

• Chalkboard: 6 mils

• Transparent Glitter: 3.2 mils

• Chameleon: 3.2 mils

• Chrome/Holographic: 2 mils

• Textured: 3 mils

Special Precautions: Not suitable for heat transfer. All PSV, excluding Chalkboard, are dishwasher safe after 24 hours of curing. Do not use anything abrasive on the Chalkboard - it will scratch. Use a wet cloth or chalkboard eraser. See below for outdoor durability for various colors.

All PSV products, with the exception of Chalkboard, contain PVC and cannot be cut with a laser. PVC emits hazardous fumes when laser cut. Red pigmented colors do fade faster with long-term exposure to UV rays.

Backing varies - test on clear surfaces. Please note: the following Chrome colors have a protective film on top: Cherry, Pink, Blue, Light Blue, and Rose Gold. Please remember to remove this film prior to plotter cutting.

Outdoor Durability

• Ultra Metallic Opaque: 5-8 years

• Polished Metal: Up to 2 years

• Chalkboard: Up to 1 year

• Transparent Glitter: Up to 5 years

• Chameleon: Up to 1 year

• Silver Chromes & Holo Metalized Galvanized: Up to 2 years

• Gold Chromes are recommended for indoor use only, as they can fade or turn green quickly in direct sunlight

• Holographic: Up to 2 years, but will fade if in direct sunlight, so it is not recommended on slanted


Cut Settings:

45° Blade Recommended

Whether this is the 1st cut or the 1000th, ALWAYS perform a test cut!

Do not Mirror.

Be careful not to cut through R the paper backing. 

With the exclusion of Chalkboard, all are dishwasher safe after a 24 hour curing process.