FashionFlex Light Sensitive

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Get ready for Summer with FashionFlex Light-Sensitive!

FashionFlex Light-Sensitive is a brand new UV/sunlight sensitive product line available in 4 colors. All colors start off white then turn color when exposed to the sun! FashionFlex® Light-Sensitive gives you a full matte finish and a soft feel, much like  ThermoFlex® Plus. Easy to cut and weed and comes on a slightly sticky carrier for easy repositioning.

Sheets are 20x12" in size. Size is +/- 0.50 inch and +/-3% on length.

Application Instructions

Blade – 45° Cricut - Every Day Iron-On
Cut – Mirror image
Temp – 300° F
Pressure – Medium, even
Time – 8-12 seconds
Peel – Warm
Care – Wash inside out with cold water. Tumble dry.
Applies to: Cotton, Uncoated Polyester, and Fabric Blends Excluding Nylon
Does Not Stretch

Colors of products may be different than what the screen on your device shows. 

Whether this is the 1st cut or the 1000th, ALWAYS perform a test cut!


Specialty Materials recommends if your T shirt or material your are putting this HTV on says "dry fit", "Moisture Wicking", or is Gildan Ultra Cotton, use a spray bottle of rubbing alcohol and squirt the material where you are putting the design. Then rub it in a bit with a cloth and dry or even heat press it to dry then press the design. This is due to the material being a coated material, instead of an un coated material.